Vulnerable Customers

The FCA have found following a thematic review that vulnerable customers are often not treated fairly. In fact many Insurers pricing models have taken significant advantage of these customers, often the more vulnerable the customer the more the insurer has loaded rates at renewal. Some of the UK's largest institutions have been guilty of proactively targeting these individuals and the regulator has had enough of Insurers and brokers balancing their books on the most vulnerable in our society.

Alan Chandler, Chartered Insurer, who is widely regarded as one of the top insurance trainers in the UK will look at how firms have been treating customers unfairly including some disturbing case studies. The presentation will include how the FCA define vulnerable customer, the measures all firms are expected to put in place and how the requirements on all firms are changing to make sure the most vulnerable are protected going forward. This continues to be a hot topic for the regulator and failure to comply leaves firms open to disciplinary measures from the regulator.

Learning objectives
Delegates will be able to understand:
  • The background of the FCA's thematic review and understanding why this became an issue
  • Who are Vulnerable customers? understanding who this definition includes
  • How to recognise Vulnerable customers
  • How to deal with Vulnerable customers
  • What firms should do/have in place

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Alan Chandler
Chartered Insurer