Financial awareness - a plain English overview for all insurance staff on how to understand clients' accounts

Covid-19 has forced the UK into a recession and understanding clients' accounts has never been more important for brokers and underwriters alike, with tremendous scrutiny now being put on clients' accounts, so account executives, account handlers and underwriters will need to understand the main terminology.

This presentation, provided by Alan Chandler one of the most popular presenters in the UK, looks to provide a plain English understanding of what is in a balance sheet, Profit and Loss account, a cash flow statement and how these can be read easily by non-accountants. The webinar will also include an overview of the main financial ratios again explained in a plain English way aimed at non accountants.

There will be an opportunity to do some interactive learning using a set of accounts to gain further understanding.

The webinar will run from three hours with a break in the middle.

Learning Objectives
The presentation will enable delegates to understand:
1. The different component parts of a Balance sheet and what underwriters should look for.
2. The different parts of a profit and loss statement.
3. What is a cash flow statement.
4. How to do some basic financial ratios to get a better understanding of a policyholder's financial position.

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Alan Chandler
Chartered Insurer