A plain English overview of construction (contractors) insurance

From small builder to plumbers through to large building firms there are an increasing number of contractors needing insurance often due to the fact that building firms now take on contractors rather than employees. These contractors need professional guidance on their insurance needs and this presentation will outline the main factors to be taken into account. As an example, would a small building firm really understand the difference between labour-only and Bona-fide sub-contractors, if they do not have a broker they are in big trouble as the Insurance Act 2015 says they must make a fair presentation of risk, without help how do they do this?

The presentation, delivered by Alan Chandler one of the most popular insurance presenters in the UK, will look at the main insurance needs of a contractor. The webinar will include looking at contract works cover, understanding contractor liability cover including non-negligence cover, understanding the Business Interruption cover including understanding how to add fines and damages to the contractors' policy and why current limits of indemnity are often not sufficient. The contractors sector will suffer badly from the hardening market and this presentation will look at how you can best get your clients' needs correctly arranged.

Learning objectives:
Delegates will be able to:
  • Understand Contract works cover
  • Understand contractors liability cover including non-negligence
  • Understand the Business interruption requirements including how to add fines and damages cover
  • Understand why the current limits of indemnity offered under contractors policies are often too low

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Alan Chandler
Chartered Insurer